St. John’s Christian Church Pictorial Directory Photo Sessions
September 30th, October 1st & 2nd

Universal Church Directories will be here offering 15 minute sessions from 2:00pm-8:30pm each day. Each family photographed will receive a complimentary directory and a professional 8x10 photo, with the no-pressure option of purchasing additional portraits.

 Sign-up sheets can be picked up in the office. 

Please help us update our records, by scheduling a session today!!

Thursday Lunch Gatherings

    Pastor Erich invites anyone who wishes to gather with him for Thursday lunches - retirees, senior citizens, those who have the day or hour free - free from activities, from work, etc.

- Third Thursdays of the Month

- 11:30am Gathering Time

- 11:45am Soup & Sandwich Luncheon

- 12:15pm Fellowship Program

- People may leave after eating or after the fellowship program is finished, or anytime they need to!

- Fellowship programs could be table games, group games, a guest speaker, a Bible study, discussion topic with the Pastor, etc.