• Missionary and Mission Partners

    St. John's has historically possessed a strong sense of calling and commitment to ministries of mission and service.  It is one of the hallmark qualities of our congregation.  Members of our church family are afforded many and various opportunities to live out the call of the Gospel to “love your neighbor” and to minister to “the least of these.”  The missions program of St. John’s involves both monetary support and hands-on involvement.

  • Dr. Shobha Arole & Ravi Arole - India

    Dr. Shobha Arole and her brother, Ravi, operate the Comprehensive Rural Health Project (CRHP) in Jamkhed, India.  St John's has supported their efforts since about 1968.  We recently sent a team to visit them in January 2013.

    Visit jamkhed.org


  • Tony & Leila F - Brazil

    Serving in Brazil, as missionaries with World Team, Tony & Leila engage in supporting church plants and teaching God’s Word.  They work at teaching and equipping Christians for pastoral leadership.

    Visit WorldTeam


  • Larry & Linda Rupp - Kajiado, Kenya


    A home and school for children, primarily orphans, in Kenya.  It was founded and is operated by Larry Rupp, a former St. John's member, and his wife, Linda.  This is one of St. John's main mission partners.

    Visit Kajiado Children's Home Website

  • Tom & Megan L - The Islands, Africa

    They began serving in Africa in 2007 as part of a team in Chad.  This team was disrupted by political instability in the country.  Tom & Megan returned to the U.S. in 2008.  Then from 2009 to 2011 they moved to the Islands where they lived and worked with a team.  In 2012 they moved to France to study French as part of their preparation to return to the Islands as the leaders of a new team.  Arriving to the Islands in February 2013, Tom and Megan prepared for the new team which joined them in November 2013. They will live and work together as a team on the Islands by God’s grace until 2016. Along the way they have been blessed with 3 great kids. Tom and Megan are teachers who strive to bring joy and hope to the island people through their volunteer work. 

    Visit Their Blog

  • Judd & Becky M - Ethiopia

    Judd and Becky arrived in Ethiopia in January 2015.  They are currently in language school in the capital of Addis Ababa.  Then they will move to southern Ethiopia to a town called Soddo.  They will be working with a hospital and ministry there.

  • Jon & Rachel Doriot -  Papua New Guinea

    God called Jon and Rachel to Indonesia and March 1, 2003 they arrived on the island of Sumatra.  This place had never had a sustained missionary effort until about 1995 and natives still practiced human sacrifices until the 20th century.  They are involved in evangelism and Jon teaches English as a Second Language. When the catastrophic tsunami struck in December 2004, Jon spent some time in a neighboring province with relief work. In 2006 they moved to Papua, a different part of Indonesia and continue the ministry there.  They have four children.  The Doriot's work with Pioneers USA.

  • Keith & Cheryl Wyse - China

    Keith and Cheryl are the directors of the Agape Family Life House. They have 2 biological sons and have adopted 6 Chinese daughters, Ting, Sarah, twins, Rachelle and Rebekah, Lydia and Esther, The last four girls all have Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a condition called Brittle Bones. After adopting the twins the Wyse's learned a lot about OI

    In 2002 the Wyse's felt the Lord calling them to take their knowledge and move to China to help handicapped orphans focusing on those with OI. They sold everything they owned, packed up, and departed, by faith, to live in China. After a few years of internship, they were led to begin a home providing foster care for children with Brittle Bones and orthopedic problems. Keith and Cheryl are the Directors of the Agape Family Life House located in Lang Fang China, a home for 29 children, many suffering for Brittle Bones, but the children suffer from many kinds of physical needs, also. The children range in age from 1 1/2 to 26 yrs of age. In addition to being Directors of Agape Family Life House, they oversee the operation of the Bread of Life Bakery, where the older children learn life skills. In 2009, Keith and Dr. Wu Guo Hua, Director of the Langfang Orthopedic Hospital, Co-Founded the OI Association of China.
    Agape Family Life House Website