St. John's Christian Church

The Church on the Corner whose Cornerstone is Christ

Church Membership

Becoming a Member
For people interested in becoming a member of this local, independent congregation, you are encouraged to speak with one of the pastors regarding membership orientation.  Membership orientation will consist of three group sessions and one individual session.  The first three sessions will be led by one of the pastors, and will be held at the church for all those wishing to become a member of St. John’s Christian Church.  The fourth session will be one in which the pastor will meet individually with each individual person, couple or family.

Expectations of Church Membership

  1. Strive to deepen their relationship with Christ through active discipleship in that they will do their best to pray and read the scriptures on a daily basis.

  2. Participate in the worship ministries of the congregation, doing their best to attend worship each Sunday morning.  Realizing that illness, vacations, and life situations are a part of everyone’s real life schedule, people should strive to attend worship at least three out of four Sundays.

  3. Celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Communion, which is served seven times in the yearly calendar of the church.

  4. Participate in at least one ministry of the congregation beyond worship, which could include committee work, helping in an educational ministry, sharing in a mission ministry, or being involved in a Bible study, Small Group or Sunday school class.

  5. Support the ministries of Christ’s Kingdom through tithing and contributing to the church’s annual budget, including the current, benevolent, and capital budgets.

  6. Care for the spiritual needs and encourage the spiritual growth of people in their lives.

  7. Be receptive to visits from one of the pastors or a Visitation Team member throughout their membership with St. John’s.